Influenze delle tradizioni culinarie italiane e dei numerosi souvenir raccolti intorno al mondo si incontrano e si mescolano, fino a fondersi nella dispensa contemporanea che fa della Franceschetta58 un locale semplice ma allo stesso tempo inusuale.
franceschetta58, Francesco Vincenzi, Massimo Bottura, Modena, dispensa contemporanea
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Young talented and dynamic: the touch of our staff is visible in every moment of your experience at Franceschetta58

Francesco Vincenzi

Born in Emilia in 1992, Francesco is our head chef. His career started in Osteria Francescana, where he learnt the care for the ingredients and where he developed his passion. With the supervision of Massimo Bottura, he seasonally thinks a menu rich of suggestions that will bring you in the traditional Emilian cuisine influenced by his travel experiences abroad. 

Giulia Venturelli

Born in Modena, Giulia is our maitre. She always loved art and drawing, which brought her to graduate in Architectural Science at the Politecnico of Milan. However, her passion was born during the weekend, when working as a waitress for a café in Modena brings her closer to the restaurant industry. Prompted by curiosity, she left Italy to discover a new culture, landing in New Zealand for six month. Here she continued her career path in a french restaurant. Back to Modena, in 2015, Franceschetta58’s door opened up to her as a new opportunity. The rest she can tell you, between a course and another. You already now where to find her!